Headsup is your financial dashboard to review earnings, business expenses and profits at a glance.

It’s the first thing you see when you login to Fincent.

  1. Your Accounts shows the balances in your connected bank account(s) and credit card(s). Plus, how much credit you have left and recent spends on your card(s).
  2. FYI spotlights unusual transactions that we think you should be aware of — a large expense, a new expense type, or increased subscription spend.
  3. Your Business charts your earnings, expenses and profits for the year so far.
  4. Collect and Pay tracks money owed to you and what you owe.Things to do lists overdue invoices that you need to follow-up on.

Your bookkeeper highlights transactions that need your attention in For Review.

  • Recent transactions shows what you expect it to, while
  • Upcoming charges lists subscriptions or recurring payments that are due soon.