You can see all your transactions on the Timeline. Although transactions get automatically categorized, sometimes, it's not easy to know where a transaction goes.

In this case, your bookkeeper will leave a comment on that transaction for you to review and leave your comments so they can accurately categorize your transactions.

  • Clicking on For Review will take you to the Transactions for Review page, where you will be able to see all the comments left by your bookkeeper.
  • You can leave a comment in the space provided, and once you’re happy with your response, click on Mark as Done to close the loop.
  • Once you reply, your bookkeeper will get notified of your comment, and can either:
  1. Respond to your comment and open the conversation on the particular transaction again, or
  2. Resolve the comment and categorize the transaction according the comment you left
  • You can either review all the comments left by your bookkeeper, or just answer a few and leave some for later when you want some more clarity on a transaction and want to check with other sources.