Your Timeline is equipped with an all powerful search to filter and dive deeper into the details. Look for any transaction done through your connected accounts with the search bar, along with searching via other criteria like name, tag, amount, description, and date.

Looking for a specific transaction

Simply type in the name, tag, amount, description or date of the transaction you want to look for in the search bar, and it will throw up the transaction that you are looking for.

Looking for a category of expenses

To look for a category of expenses, type in the name of the category in the search bar, and it will show you all the transactions that are under that category.

Looking for transactions via date(s)

You can type in the date or dates you want to see transactions from in the search bar and it will show you all the transactions done on those dates.

Looking for transactions by tags, description, or amount

You can attach different tags and descriptions to your transactions. Then, you can type in the tag, description or the amount(s) you want transactions from. [Video below]

Multi-search with different criteria

You can even search with multiple criterias on the search bar.