Payments that are "In Process" or "Transferred" can fail for various reasons.

  1. Issues with your customer’s bank — There may be insufficient funds in the account, ACH debits may not be activated on their bank account, or your customer may have exceeded their bank’s ACH transfer limit.

  2. Issues with your bank account —  Your bank may have declined the transfer, they may be unable to process the payout, or ACH deposits may not be activated on your bank account.

  3. Account verification is pending — We are missing important data to verify your account and cannot process your payout until the data has been submitted. 


If Fincent has collected the payment from your customer but can’t transfer funds to your account, we’ll contact you to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be fixed, we refund your customer and your payment is tagged as “Failed” in the Failed / Canceled Payments section. 

On Fincent’s Starting, Growing, or Thriving plan? View the failed invoice in "Get Paid > To be Requested"

  • If the payment failed due to an issue with your customer’s bank, you can resend the payment request. They can ensure they have sufficient funds in the account to pay or try a different payment method. 

  • If the failure occurred from your bank or due to missing account data, you will not be able to send new payment requests in Fincent to prevent future payout failures. Talk to your bank for a fix and email us at to enable payment requests again, so you can resend.