Yes, you can. Just add a new account and set it as your Payout Account.

There are just two things to know before you switch payout accounts.

  • Only bank accounts connected through Plaid can be selected as your payout account.

  • Due to potential payout failures, Fincent currently supports checking accounts only. 

  1. Go to Banks & Cards in Settings.

  2. Click + Add Account and fill in the new bank account information.

  3. The new bank account should now be on your list of Banks & Cards.

  4. Click the 3 dots next to the bank account and set it as your Payout Account. 


Note: If a payment is in process when you update your payout account, which bank it gets deposited to depends on the payment stage. You can see which account the payout is sent to on the invoice in Get Paid > Transferred.