All payments made through payment requests in Get Paid are automatically synced to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account. 

  • When your customer makes a payment, an “undeposited funds” transaction is created in QBO.  

  • Once the amount is received in your account, a transaction shows up in your Fincent Timeline. 

  • Fincent automatically syncs and matches transactions between your Timeline and  QBO, and the “undeposited funds” transaction is updated with the bank account details.


However, payments received directly from another Fincent user without sending a payment request are not synced to your QBO account. Depending on your Fincent plan, your bookkeeper can sync the payment to QBO when the transaction shows up on Timeline.

Note: You must be a Fincent user on the Starting, Growing, or Thriving plan to request payments. Anyone can receive payments from Fincent.