You must be on a paid plan to make payments with Fincent.

To use Pay, you just need to connect your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account.

  1. Connect Fincent to QuickBooks

All your outstanding bills and vendors from QBO will appear in Fincent Pay.

  1. Add a new bill in Pay

You can add and pay bills directly from your connected bank account or cards in Pay.

  1. Make a payment without a bill

You can also make ad hoc payments without having an existing bill.

Important Note:

Your vendor must complete a payment verification process when accepting your 1st payment.  

This is a requirement from our partner, Stripe.   This includes providing their company details, such as company name, owner name, address, SSN and EIN.  

Your vendor must also provide bank account details for the account they would like to receive the funds.