You must be on one of Fincent’s paid plans to make payments.

First, connect your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account so you can easily view, track, and pay your bills.

  1. Go to Pay in your Fincent account to view outstanding bills synced from QBO.

  2. Click Add a bill to pay a new bill or select an existing bill from To be Paid and click Pay now.

Optional: Select "Make a payment" to pay without a bill.

  1. Add your vendor’s company name and the email address of their primary owner.

  2. We’ll check if the vendor account already exists in the Fincent Network. Only the primary owner of the vendor’s Fincent account can receive payments because they manage “Registered Account Details” such as the email they receive payment notifications on and the bank account they receive payments in. 

  3. If the vendor you want to send a payment to is not currently a Fincent user, we use the email address on the payment form to send them an “Accept Payment” link. They’re asked to create a free Fincent account and complete a one-time verification process to receive the funds.

You can track the status of your payment under the "Paid" tab.