Fincent updates your payment status to “Paid” as soon as we receive confirmation from the payment processor. Most banks deposit the funds into your vendor’s account immediately, but some may take a day or two longer. 

Payments to your vendor’s bank account can fail when:

  • We need more data to verify their account information

  • Their bank declines or is unable to process the transfer

  • ACH deposits are not activated for their bank account

If Fincent has collected the payment from you, but can’t transfer the funds to your vendor’s account, we contact them for a resolution.

  • If the issue cannot be fixed, Fincent will refund you and your payment will be tagged as “Reversed” and displayed under Failed / Canceled Payments in Pay.

  • If there was a bill attached to the failed payment, it will be displayed in To be Paid with a “Failed” tag. 

  • To prevent future failures, you cannot send new payments to this vendor until the issue is resolved. A red icon is displayed next to the vendor’s name in Fincent indicating that they cannot receive payments at this time. 

  • Once your vendor has resolved the issue with their bank, they can email to enable payments (the icon next to their name turns green) and you can resend the bill payment.

Note: You must be on one of Fincent’s paid plans to make payments.