Payment fees and payment methods are part of the payment preferences.  Once the primary business owner has set their default payment preferences for the first time, they can begin to update their payment preferences for individual invoices. 


The default payment preferences can be set for the first time either while completing the Get Paid payment verification process or when accessing Get Paid, in cases where the payment preference wasn’t set while completing the payment verification process. Read more about it here.


After which, you will find the option to manage or edit your payment preferences for individual invoices in Get Paid. Both the primary business owner and any business collaborators can update the payment preferences for individual invoices.  


Here’s how:

1. When adding a new invoice in Get Paid, you will see an option to ‘Manage Payment Preferences’. Select this option and you can choose who pays the fees and which payment methods to display on the payment link for this specific invoice.    


2. When editing an existing ‘To be Requested’ invoice, you will also see this option to ‘Manage Preferences’ Payment.



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3.  If your invoice has been ‘Requested’ for payment, you will find the option to edit the payment preference in the activity of the invoice.  Select ‘edit’ next to Payment Preferences.  

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Note: Any changes made to the payment preference for an individual invoice will only apply to that specific invoice. The default setting, updated through 'Setting', will continue to be used for 'new' invoices.