No, it only leads to heartbreak and messy bookkeeping. We recommend deleting the invoice and creating a new one in Get Paid to keep your Fincent and QuickBooks Online (QBO) accounts in sync. 

Silliness aside, when you make a payment request, we send your customer an email with a payment link displaying the invoice details. Editing your invoice later can make this data out of sync (the email and the PDF invoice attached to it cannot be modified once sent), so you cannot edit an invoice in Fincent after requesting payment.

Made a mistake on an invoice in Get Paid?

  1. You can delete the invoice from Fincent if the customer hasn’t initiated payment. It’s deleted on QuickBooks too and your customer will see an “invoice deleted” message when trying to pay.

  2. Now add a new invoice in Get Paid and send a payment request with the updated invoice, so your customer receives a new email and payment link. 

Edited an invoice in QBO after requesting payment? 

  • Fincent syncs with your QBO and updates the invoice details in Get Paid. 

  • The payment link is updated to reflect the new invoice.

  • The email already sent to your customer (and the PDF invoice within) cannot be updated, they will be shown a message on the payment page that the invoice was updated after the payment request was sent.

Note: You must be a Fincent user on the Starting, Growing, or Thriving plan to request payments.