Fincent updates your payment status to “Transferred” as soon as we receive confirmation from the payment processor. Most banks deposit the funds into your account immediately, but some may take a day or two longer. 

Payments to your bank account can fail when:

  • We need more data to verify your bank account 

  • Your bank declines or is unable to process the transfer 

  • ACH deposits are not activated for your bank account 

If Fincent has collected the payment from your customer but can’t transfer funds to your account, we will contact you for a resolution. 

  • If the issue cannot be fixed, we refund your customer and your payment request is tagged as “Failed” in the Failed / Canceled Payments section. On Fincent’s Starting, Growing or Thriving plan, the failed invoice is displayed under To be Requested in Get Paid. 

  • To prevent future failures, you will not be able to send new payment requests until the issue is resolved. We recommend contacting your bank for a fix. 

Once the issue is resolved, email us at to enable payment requests and resend a payment request for the failed invoice.