If you are already a Fincent user and have verified your bank account, payments from another Fincent user will be processed and deposited into your account automatically. You can view them in "Get Paid," moving from "In Process" to "Transferred."

If you don’t have a Fincent account or haven’t been verified for payments, it takes just a minute or two.

  1. Check your inbox for the payment email

When your customer pays you with Fincent, you’ll receive an email to accept the payment. Click on the “Accept Payment” link in your email.

  1. Create your free account and complete the verification process

Fincent partners with Stripe and Plaid for secure payment processing and bank account authorization, respectively. Fill in your company information and add a bank account for payments to be deposited into.

For bank accounts not supported by Plaid 

You can manually add your bank account to Fincent by providing the account number and routing number. For more details, please refer here. 

[Note: Due to potential payout failures, only checking accounts are supported currently.]

Once verified, you can accept and track payments in Fincent.

[Note: You must be a Fincent user on the Starting, Growing, or Thriving plan to request or send payments. Anyone can receive payments from Fincent.]