[Note: If you are on one of Fincent’s paid plans, you’ll automatically find vendor data from your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account in your Directory, along with a history of transactions with each. 


Haven’t connected your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account to Fincent yet? Contact support@fincent.com or your bookkeeper for assistance. ]  

Steps to add new vendors in Pay: 

  • When adding a new bill (or making a payment without a bill) in Pay, click the Select or add a vendor field. 
  • Start typing your vendor’s name, and their profile details will appear. If the vendor isn’t listed, you can add them here. They’ll be added to your Directory as well as your QBO account.    

The Fincent Network 

To explain this section better, we will need to understand The Fincent Network. 

When you make the payment to the vendor, we will check to see if they are part of the Fincent Network (a registry of US small businesses with account data maintained by the vendors themselves) to ensure we always have the correct contact information and bank details for future payments. 


  • If your vendor is part of the Fincent Network, their “Registered Account Details” will automatically appear in your Directory and on the bill.   
  • If you make a payment to a vendor who is not yet part of the Fincent Network, the email address you sent the payment will appear in your Directory in their Payment Account Details. 


You will still be able to see your vendor’s contact details in both your Fincent Directory and in QBO.