There are three ways to add a bill in Fincent: from Pay, from QuickBooks Online (QBO), or by emailing bills to your unique Fincent email address. 

  1. Add your bill in Pay 

Click "Add Bill" and enter the bill details. Your bill will also be synced to your QBO account.

Note: If you attach a file to the bill via Pay, it’s also added to your Fincent Files, tagged as a "bill,” and synced to the bill in QBO.

  1. Add your bill in QBO

Fincent auto-imports your bills when you connect your QBO account, and they show up in Pay. You can make payments directly from your connected bank account or cards.

Note: Attachments to the bill in QBO are not imported to Fincent

  1. Forward a PDF of your bill to your unique Fincent email address

A unique Fincent email address is created just for you, and all forwarded bills are saved to Files. Depending on your Fincent plan, your bookkeeper will categorize these bills automatically so they appear in both Pay and QBO.


Note: You must be on one of Fincent’s paid plans to add bills and make payments.