You must be a Fincent user on the Starting, Growing or Thriving plan to Request payments in Get Paid.   

When using Fincent Get Paid to request payments from your customers, you can select who will pay the fees.  


Here’s how: 

1. Set the payment fee option during the Get Paid payment verification process 

During the payment verification process, when you sign up to use Get Paid for requesting payments, if you are the primary business owner, you will have the opportunity to select who will be responsible for paying the payment fees, either you or your customers. 

2. Set the payment fee option in Get Paid 

If you are the primary business owner and you didn’t select who pays the payment fees when completing the payment verification process, you will be asked to select youpreferred setting when accessing Get Paid. You will not be able to send payment requests until you have selected a payment fee setting 

If you choose to ‘do this later’, you will be prompted to select the preferred fees setting when clicking the request payment button. 

[Note: Business collaborators won't be prompted to select the preferred fees setting while accessing Get Paid.  If the primary business owner hasn’t set the preferred fee setting, the business collaborator will see a banner indicating that payment requests are temporarily disabled.  The primary business owner must set the payment fee option before payments can be requested.]


Once selected, you will be able to make payment requests.  The primary business owner can easily change the payment fee setting from Settings 

The selected setting will applto new payment requests.   

[Note: If you were using Get Paid before this feature was launched, any existing payment requests will continue to charge the payment fee to your customer.  You will not be able to send any new payment requests until the payment fee setting has been selected.] 

3.  Set the paymenfee option in Fincent Settings 

Once the primary business has set the payment fee option for the first time, they can change the configuration from Fincent Settings.  

The payment fee option can be set for the first time either while completing the payment verification process or when accessing Get Paid after this feature was launched.  

After which, you will find this option in Settings. The primary business owner can adjust and select the desired payment fee setting, deciding whether you or your customers will cover the fees.   

Any updates to the setting will be applied to new payment requests. Existing payment requests will use the option that was set at the time the payment request was sent. 


[Note: It's important to ensure your selection complies with any applicable laws that pertain to your business. Consult your legal counsel if you are unsure.  

Please be aware that in certain jurisdictions, regulations may prohibit the charging of processing fees to customers. It is your responsibility to understand and adhere to the laws governing your specific jurisdiction.]