Only primary owners can set up and verify their accounts to accept payments. They can do this by clicking "Set up your account" on the Get Paid page and providing their bank and business details on the Stripe onboarding page. 

BO (Business Owners) Collaborators don't have this capability. Instead, they'll see a message instructing them to ask the primary owner to complete the verification. 

What happens when a primary owner starts their payment verification process but is unable to complete it?

If the primary owner initiated the payment verification process but didn't complete it, or if the primary owner added all the necessary details during the payment verification process but the account wasn't verified, a banner with a 'Provide additional information' button will be displayed on the 'Get Paid' page.

Only primary owners can click the banner's button, taking them to the payment verification page to complete verification by adding business and bank details.


BO (Business Owners) collaborators see an error tooltip, indicating that only primary owners can proceed.